As a European company with offices in Malta, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, CETRIX is a global leader in integrated mobile technologies for vertical markets including education, healthcare, construction, public safety, energy and retail with a complete lineup of mobiles, smartphones, wireless infrastructure, and tablet PCs’ accessories for its international clients around the world.

At CETRIX we deliver the actionable intelligence and expert guidance to our clients to ensure their success. We tailor innovative solutions that integrate product conceptualization, design, manufacturing, fulfillment and sustaining services. Our policy of building one-on-one relationships allows us to clearly understand and therefore respond more accurately to our clients’ individual needs.

CETRIX has been trusted for high quality products & excellent customer service by several top electronics brands worldwide. Our clients comes from throughout the world including USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, UK, Portugal, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Yemen, UAE, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Australia,

CETRIX is among the leading tablet manufacturers who adopt the latest technology to offer a better user experience and broader application possibilities.Not only do we offer advanced hardware specifications, but also we are a pioneer in adopting the latest versions of operating systems, including Android, Windows and Linux.