At Competitive Edge, we are in the business of helping midsized, growing companies in the greater New England area, select, implement and manage Business Applications, which provide increased management controls and significant business value to the entire enterprise.

We provide managed services and a full range of network solutions to round out our offering for optimal productivity.

Focused on finding the right solution for each individual client, we draw on our extensive experience as professional business advisors and accounting and IT managers, and from our ability to effectively comprehend detailed IT requirements.
We look at a solution from both sides of the desk, and consider the assurance and compliance impact of any implementation right from the start. That means our clients get sound business advice and solutions built to comply with all regulatory environments, from personable consultants with a vested interest in building and maintaining long term relationships.

We aim to do things right the first time, every time, allowing our clients the freedom to focus on their business while we focus on delivering value from their IT investments. Our proven methodology, coupled with our extensive experience allows us to deliver solutions on time, and on budget, enabling our clients use IT to increase their competitive edge.

We offer the convenience of a one-stop shop, where you can find the solution to all your technology needs.

With Competitive Edge you get access to competent, effective professionals who can manage technology for your entire organization. You get excellent service and outstanding results, with the added benefit of single-point accountability. Above all, you get personable attention from dedicated experts in your field.

We love what we do, and we have fun with it every day. Turn your fear of technology and hesitation to advance into your competitive advantage by allowing us to help you make sense out of technology, and streamline it to fit with your business.

Contact us today. Because every company needs an edge!