We discovered Alyssa back in 2006, only one year after she started singing. She was just learning guitar at the time, and had informed us she had played over 100 shows already, all self-booked. To our knowledge, Alyssa has never had manager or agent and since day one has been "Miss DIY," and it certainly has gotten her farther than we can say for most signed anybodies.

She's beginning her 9th year in the business this year (2014) and after moving to Nashville 2 years ago, playing over 350 national shows (one International), recording two full-length albums, releasing three singles and drumming for other bands, she's decided to take a back seat to being the driver and instead pursue her new found, successful path as a mentor.

It was September of 2013 when Alyssa started, "Alyssa Jacey's Musician Mentoring Program," which had 0 clients. "I fell into it," she said, "and I wasn't prepared enough when I dropped the news on everyone about what I was doing. I'm little miss prepared about everything, but this just came on a whim and I went with it. Kind of like my entire career." (she laughs) With little promotion outside of social media (namely Facebook) and word of mouth, Alyssa has since had anywhere from two to six clients in any given month, and the list continues to grow.

"A year from now, somebody might ask why 2014 was such a packed year for me musically, and I'll be able to trace it back to these mentoring sessions with Alyssa Jacey. Had another great meeting tonight, and I honestly think if I met her 5 years ago, I'd be Bruno Mars right now." ~February 2014 client, Evan McKee.

"I always give you 100% credit for where I am right now. It seriously just took sitting down and talking with you, hearing your story, and hearing someone say they believed in me for me to get my crap together! I'm very close to being a full time musician which is a dream come true and I know it's only the beginning! You've been a huge inspiration and I can never thank you enough for sharing what you have with others!!" ~January 2014 client, Natalie Thompson.

Alyssa has a list of over 30 things she focuses on teaching her clients that they can choose from, however the top favorites seem to be showing them the CORRECT ways to do most of them. She explains, "There are many artists that are doing what they need to be doing, just not properly or nearly enough. I don't TELL my clients what to do, I TEACH them HOW to do things the RIGHT way, so they can end up doing it on their own with out my or anyone else's help. That's a mentor, it's like a career coach. Not a manager. Two very different things."

Alyssa began singing to appease her co-workers as a joke back in 2004. They forced her to sing karaoke which backfired on Jacey because she expected it to be a one time deal. Too many people would continually ask her where to buy her CD's or see her shows, and at the time, she was a professional hip hop dancer/choreographer, so she had no idea what to do with this information...Except use it one year later.

2005 turned into recording, co-producing and self-releasing two albums, her debut "The Alyssa Jacey EP," and "Closed Eyes... ...Open Heart" LP. Submissions of those lead to paid gigs at the local fair, TV and radio interviews and performances. One year later she's playing with a full band opening for Ernie Halter and celebrating her 100th show, self-taught on guitar for only 11 months at that time. More recordings, competitions, touring, shows, folks this woman was on FIRE, non-stop. She had a mission and accomplished what ever she set her mind to. She was actually the only Indie artist in 2009 and 2010 to have opened for Bruno Mars twice.

She now resides in her home in Nashville, taking a little bit of a break from the live performance scene to really strongly focus on her 35 new years resolutions. "I played over 350 shows in the last two years, hosted up to four nights of live music a week where I was fielding thousands of emails, booked over 3,000 artists, roughly 500 physical hours were spent in-venue hosting and running sound and I spent 1,300+ hours promoting those nights. It all kind of hit me at once as last year was coming to an end and slowly one by one, I started giving up my paid gigs either hosting or performing until I was down to 0 hosting/booking live music, and performing now just 4-6 times a month both locally/nationally. I want to spend all my time mentoring. It's where my path has lead me. I LOVE what I do and I am SO blessed!"

To find out more about Alyssa's FREE first hour session, and how to reap the benefits from becoming a full-time client, email her at AlyssaJaceyMusic@Gmail.com or find her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/AlyssaJaceyNashville. Also check out her website www.AlyssaJacey.com