CHARLES OWO is a men’s lifestyle and fashion brand created for the man who appreciates the luxury of having the finer things in life. The brand currently offers a wide variety of accessories and underwear for the refined man with a very staunch sense of style and appreciation for the quality and craftsmanship that goes into creating his clothing. The brand’s trademark logo, the mythical centaur, was thought to be set between two natures: embodiment of an untamed, wild, masculine nature and one of sensitivity and the quest for knowledge. Each of this character, which exemplifies a CHARLES OWO man, can also be seen on the double sided feature of most items in its accessories collection.

CHARLES OWO products are currently available in the United States and Australia.

CHARLES OWO sister brand OWÓ is the epitome of absolute luxury.  The brand gives consumers the opportunity to work with a tailor in a geographic location of their choice on the design and development of bespoke accessories that fit their style. Consumers can also select custom fabric and their preferred country of manufacturing.

Visit www.charlesowo.com for more information.