CHE Behavioral Health Services is a multispecialty clinical group dedicated to increasing access to behavioral and mental health services and to reducing stigma associated with mental health conditions. In line with our belief that mental health care should be readily accessible, we provide both psychology and psychiatry services in multiple settings including our Outpatient Telehealth Services Clinic, Skilled Nursing Facilities, In-person Psychotherapy Clinics, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities, as well as Home Health Care.

CHE employs a clinical team of over 700 licensed clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists. Our philosophy of care is grounded in the belief that mental health care should be holistic and patient-centered. Rather than utilizing a one size fits all approach, we recognize people’s mental and emotional health as highly individual and reflective of personal experiences and history, biological and genetic factors, relationships and social support, and social factors such as economic, gender, racial, and other systemic disparities. Personal mental health is tied to the health of communities and the greater social world; therefore, CHE believes that mental and emotional well-being is best achieved by working at both the individual and community levels.