CHECKPrōz offers intensive editorial- and production-support services to any publishers of content. We don’t create content; we check content. If error-free, consistent work is important to your success, CHECKPrōz can help—quickly. CHECKPrōz works in the latest digital workflows and quickly adapts to ever-changing digital requirements.

Our firsthand knowledge of publishing, combined with our proprietary processes for objective copyedits and cold reads, gives you the confidence you need.

The CHECKPrōz team is composed of strong and talented proven publishing experts. Every member of the CHECKPrōz team is armed with laser-sharp accuracy skills, sheer determination to ferret out potential publishing and product errors, and a clear understanding of the urgency and attention to detail that your projects demand.

Services incldude: Interim and Final Proofreads, Style Consistency CHECKS, Objective Copyedits, Fact CHECKS, Cold Reads and Cold Solves, Correlations, Production Quality Control CHECKS, and more!