CHTO helps people overcome frustration, nerves and challenges in training and showing cutting horses via online streaming videos of the world's top trainers who share the secrets to their success.

CHTO is a video subscription service that gets riders to the winner's circle by giving them access 24/7 to more than 400 instructional videos to study and learn from.

Experts include world class trainers, leading veterinarians and researchers, equine therapists, legends of the sport, top saddle makers, advisors and more. CHTO is a unique innovator in this field bringing technology and engaging education to help make the sport more accessible to cutters across the globe, grow the sport and take it to new heights in competition.

Personal coaching is also available to members around the world via virtual coaching. It gives members one-on-one advice and accountability to fast-track their skills and performance.

CHTO also holds clinics across the nation, whereby participants can improve their mastery of cutting ten-fold by working hands on with a top trainer for an intensive two days in small groups with their horses.

Members have reported improving their scores by up to 3 points after Joining CHTO and watching the videos. CHTO, which was founded in 2012 is the official educational partner of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA).