CIMTechniques is a South Carolina corporation that has been in operation since 1992. The company has evolved to become the technology leader, through innovation, in markets and applications that serves companies and institutions where quality and reliability matter most.

We have been monitoring critical applications for over twenty years. During that time we’ve learned a lot about what our customers want an need. Our latest web-based monitoring system architecture was almost entirely created on this body of knowledge. The list below show of the more important software features and innovations we have incorporated into our system..

  * Completely web-based and accessible from anywhere
  * Can handle thousands of monitoring points & hundreds of users Remote monitoring wherever a LAN/Internet connection exists
   * Built around a secure SQL Database
   * Organized by Departments containing Groups of monitoring points
   * Time recorded in GMT and automatically displayed in local time
   * Alerts delivered via email, text message, pager and voice telephone
   * Access under strict ID/password control
   * Minimum Password Complexity can be defined User
   * Activities limited by Configurable Roles User
   * Maintenance handled by supervisor level Group Administrators
   * Passwords can be set to Automatically Expire
   * All System Settings Changes recorded in an Audit Trail Warning and Action
   * Limits for alarm detection Alarm List contains Alerts for monitoring points that the    user has access to
   * Alerts Acknowledged with an Assignable Cause or Corrective Action
   * User-Generated Notes are linked to one or more monitoring points
   * Interactive Trend Charts and Data Analysis Tools are included
   * Graphic Displays include Alarm Indicators, Value Displays & Charts
   * Accurate Hourly Statistics generated for every monitoring point
   * Unlimited User-Configurable Reports
   * Language Localization
   * Supports “Express” Validation to minimize the installed cost
   * Pricing model by number of monitoring points, not number of users

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been for many years.

The main product CIMScan is an easy to use and maintain web-based system for reliably monitoring just about anything from one or more sites located anywhere in the world. It can automatically alert key personnel to an abnormal condition via email, cellular text messaging, pager, and, optionally, voice telephone. Data is securely stored and information presented on an "At a Glance" browser dashboard, with full report generation capabilities and electronic signature.

While the system is most often used to monitor the temperature in refrigerators, freezers and other locations where critical materials and assets are stored, it is just as much at home keeping an eye on air and water quality, the environment and particle contamination in Cleanrooms, or managing energy and utilities consumption in a large office building.

The first CIMScan system was introduced in 1995 and has been continuously improved ever since.