CINN, Established in 1995, we have initiated the Nano Research Center of National Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), combining the material handling with high technology to successfully launch the infrared and heat retardant products. These products are widely used in medical, home bedding, hotel, mountain hiking, recreation and cold resistant applications.

Our company goal is to develop the blankets and products that can improve human health. That is why we have been continuously improving our textile material and technology through rigorous R&D.

Among all the application products, we have particularly devoted lots of efforts in medical area and work with famous hospitals and ITRI for helping patients in needs. Through years of testing, research, and clinical trials in hospitals, our products have earned the highest quality and durability in the medical-application field.

In medical field,we extend to cover medical blankets, anti-bacteria mattress, zero electro-magnetic products, and the new invention heat-acupuncture mat for medical product supplies, hospitals, clinical aboratories,sleep centers, and home care centers.

Our markets include Taiwan, Japan, Europe, USA, and Australia and quickly increasing.