Customer Insights Research, Inc. (CIR) provides primary market research services to all types of businesses and organizations.  We are seasoned market research professionals with more than 70 years of combined experience in market research and customer value management experience.

Customer Insights Research, Inc. is a full-service market research firm, with an emphasis on service. We design and execute projects of any type, size and scope, from qualitative to quantitative, from pure data collection to a full range of statistical analysis and modeling.  Let us know how we can help you.


   * Focus Groups
   * In-depth Interviews
   * Projective Techniques


   * Satisfaction Tracking
   * Linking satisfaction to business metrics
   * Attitude, Awareness, and Usage studies

Data Collection Methods

   * Telephone Interviewing
   * Web Surveying/Online Interviewing (both self-administered and guided)
   * Mixed Media Interviewing (Phone recruit/Web; Phone/Mail)
When you engage us, you work with one of our three experienced professionals and are supported by the others.  

We customize our process to your project (We do not force your project to fit our process or a canned solution we have to sell you). We listen; we strive to provide the best, most efficient market research solution for you. We operate in integrity; we take responsibility for our actions. We have deep market research resources for specialized needs. We have deep and comprehensive experience in customer satisfaction, new product development, attitude and usage, customer perception, competitive evaluation, customer attrition, and win/loss. We use tried-and-true market research methodologies and analytic techniques (We do NOT use so-called black box techniques).

CIR is here to serve you.