Creative Innovation Solutions Group, LLC (CI Solutions Group) systematically and efficiently increases its customers’ IT operating efficiency through its proven service management models. The company provides visionary and integrated IT processes to meet each company’s needs now and in the future.

Based on founder Randy Kellum’s 20+ years of IT management in multiple industries, CI Solutions Group is structured to provide total IT organization support through partners identified by Kellum to be premier providers. The combination of partners, personal expertise and corporate structure enables CI Solutions Group to offer strategic IT planning, infrastructure creation and support, and integration of company functions into seamless and seemingly simplistic enterprise solutions. Through its wide range of support services, CI Solutions Group functions as a company’s TRUSTED IT advisor and provides 24/7/365 support.

Although most IT companies offering this range of services restrict their reach to only mega companies, Creative Innovation Solutions Group focuses on providing the same scope of services to small and mid-sized companies. With comprehensive IT management and its visionary leader, CI Solutions Group helps propel each company to its next stage of expansion—and beyond.

The success of Creative Innovation Solutions Group relies heavily on accurate assessment of each company that provides a thorough understanding of the problems facing the company internally, within its industry, or as it interacts with vendors and customers. Focusing in-depth on each company’s problem rather than superficially treating its symptoms provides a firm foundation for each company’s corporate growth.

Managing Partner Randy Kellum’s experience working in IT management roles for a variety of manufacturing, banking and education organizations provides an understanding of the issues facing companies and the internal systems on which these companies are built. His work has successfully integrated systems on a global, world wide scale as well as on the small, individual corporate microcosm. This influential business and technology leader’s ability to communicate complex, technical solutions in common language to individuals at all levels from the board room to the plant floor ensures buy-in and successful IT implementation. Kellum’s in-house perspectives provide clients with a unique advantage of an IT company which truly understands their operations and has the infrastructure to support their current situation as well as their growth.