Citimi was founded in 2014 by Natalia Gagulina, 23, after she finished her studies of fashion design in Istituto Marangoni, one of the best fashion universities in the world. During her university career she was particularly inspired by creating unusual and sophisticated textures, which she now translated into her meticulously detailed state-of-art city collection.

The creation of the first 10 cities in the collection took her more than a year to finish, since she was in control of each stage of design and strived to achieve nothing less than visual perfection. At the same time Natalia continued her studies in Bocconi University, getting all the necessary business skills for successful brand management.

CITIMI has already been noticed by significant shops and retail chains around the world, so designs you see online now are soon to be available in most major cities of the world. It's perfect time to become the early adopter!