Classerium is a Universal IEM (Intelligent Enterprise Management) online ecosystem for personal and professional lifelong AI guided learning. Combining all the layers and types of knowledge for the individual and corporate needs.
Classerium is the only (to our knowledge) platform that combines all of our elements especially with the all in one option (Webinar, Streams, Articles, Store and AI). We believe We offer the best fair payment model for instructors. Good prices for customers and much more.
Equal rights/treatment of instructors. State of the art functionality. We want to create the One best solution for any type/field of education/knowledge acquisition. Building a global knowledge database benefiting all of humanity!
With a structure, search, updating, automatic translation and recommendation AI. We strive to make a difference. Humanity definitely will be better, if everyone could have the same educational possibilities and foundation!
We could easier reach a common understanding. We are just taking the first small steps to make this a reality. We believe education is what is needed for everyone everywhere.
And in the 21-st century, it´s what people focus on. Soon it will be learning or die. Schools with boring and not efficient systems that feed useless/outdated facts will not help anyone. The System we are building is designed to be a solution!
The Current Educational System Sucks - It ́s Like a carrier pigeon in an iPhone world.
Which is why we can't solve essential problems. Without stepping up the game! Society and Corporations demand better education and talent Now!
Currently, we have an outdated basic educational system trying to teach nonmotivated kids an "old school" curriculum they are not interested in. Some of the same factors are in play for pre and postgraduates.
Talking about education from a global perspective - Statistical research shows that in an audience of 100 people, only 25% will understand what the teacher is talking about. Others will not retain enough of the information taught.
The educational process is like a non-efficient business. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of an individual approach to every person. We believe we could dramatically change the whole world by building a global educational platform that can adapt and educate everyone.
With the current speed of things, the amount of data/information growth doubles every 2 years and only 35% of this information is worth spending time on. We need instruments to structure all of this information. The current education system is archaic/outdated and can't help solve today's problems. With digital education, we can implement new relevant verified knowledge within 1 day in comparison to 1 year in normal schools/university.