ATLANTA, July 12, 2014-- Members of a small television video production team have come together to produce a television show aimed at Changing Lives in America. The television show is slated for broadcast in September, 2014.  Among other critical topics, the television show, Changing Lives in America (CLIA), will use entertainment to expose scientifically tested ways to prevent child abuse.  This television show’s creators seek to save the lives of thousands of young people from child abuse and other misfortunes across America. The plan is to use this show to present these cutting-edge topics in an entertaining way in order to protect people from unnecessary mental and physical harm.  Incorporating the viewpoints of young people, these in-your-face subjects also include problems like the human sex trafficking of minors.  An additional subject is the prevention of morbid obesity among our youth.  These are problems that have taken an epidemic hold in our country.
What sets this production apart from other television talk shows is its emphasis on solutions, best practices, and tested approaches to changing lives. Thus, what makes work on this television production exciting is the unique perspective of the team members. The talented young lady who serves as a videographer on the team stated:  
•     “The realness of the stories and situations is what is going to really capture the audience. Just because of similar situations [in their lives] the viewer has or knows someone [affected] as well.”
Another young marketing team member stated:
•     “This show will plant a seed that will bloom into people’s hearts, and that will bring awareness to all people!”
What did the set designer have to say?
•     “When people are entertained while being taught/informed, it is much more likely to ‘sink in’ and more importantly, go out and spread the word!...[Youth] That's where change starts.  [It’s] …much more effective to initially educate young open minds, especially addressing issues that are affecting them most!”
CLIA: The Television Show promises to make an indelible mark on the television scene. Nothing exactly like it has ever existed on the television airwaves before as far as we can tell.  Why is this television show important?  It’s because YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE! Go to Indiegogo.com: Changing Lives in America for more information about ways to support and get personally involved in the production of the show.