About Voxmedia:
Voxmedia is an ACCME-accredited provider offering independent medical education services spanning graphic design, web and print production, logistical services, and scientific content development. Voxmedia produces CME symposia, live meetings, and multimedia educational products.

CMEPlanet.com is a wholly owned subsidiery offering online hosting of the proceedings of symposia occuring at international congresses, podcasts and publications. A Virtual Clinic allows a user to proceed through visits with virtual patients to engage the learner in active learning and clinical decision-making skills.

Voxmedia also manages the World Metabolic Syndrome Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising physician and public awareness of the risk factors contributing to cardiovascular disease and the metabolic syndrome. We partner with exceptional organizations to deliver outstanding education. For additional information, visit Voxmedia at www.voxmediainternational.com.