C&M Software, LLC, a cloud based credit & risk analysis solution firm, launched its expansion into the U.S. early 2014.  After several years of leadership in the Brazilian credit and financial service industries, the company decided to pursue the window of opportunity in the United States market.

C&M Software, LLC developed its product line and services for credit and risk analysis focusing on quality, security, privacy and agility.  The premier product within our brand line is The Rocket Decisions Solutions Platform, which offers a robust line of tools to reduce cost and time to deployment for a range of industries such as banks, lenders, and institutions using credit for customer evaluation.  This expertise can supply the financial industry with tools and solutions catered specially to their needs and the needs of their customer segment in real-time.

C&M Software, LLC provides clients with cost effective risk management tools to increase productivity and cash flow. We drive smarter decisions based on the most accurate customer analysis possible. We help our clients mitigate Risk & reduce Fraud while minimizing false negatives. We transform raw data into strategic insights and provide optimized recommendations for our clients.