CMT – World Leader in Petrochemicals, Energy & Renewables Conferences

Global economic slowdown, collapse of financial systems, credit crunch, and fear of continued recessions coming on top of the volatilities in oil prices have set in motion unprecedented initiatives in oil, gas and petrochemical industry. With oil prices heading northwards, the business realities in chemicals and energy sectors have once again undergone a sea-change in a short span of 18 months!

Sustainability of alternate energy and in particular, bio energy projects are coming under the scanner. Besides, fundamentals driving chemicals and energy sectors have also undergone rapid shifts within a span of one year with volume and price squeezes.

In these uncertain times, the oil, gas and energy industries need to redefine business strategies, technologies, and market mechanisms. New opportunities and challenges are being complemented by widening knowledge gaps in understanding technologies and markets.

Always in tune with the times, CMT events are designed to reflect contemporary and future concerns in different segments of the oil, gas and chemical spectrum. CMT events present business realities as they happen and help close the knowledge gap through a wide repertoire of alternative energy [Coal to Liquids, Gas to Liquids], Bio Energy [Biofuels, Biomass to Liquids] and Biofuel feedstocks [Jatropha, Sorghum, Algae], besides the popular oil, gas and petrochemical forums.

With CMT, you get not just INFORMATION but also INSIGHTS ....

CMT has left its footprints on key growth areas- from petrochemicals, plastics to alternative and renewable energy (e.g., bioenergy, Coal to Liquid, Gas to liquid, Liquid Petroleum Gas LPG, future fuels, etc.), to specialty chemicals (e.g., paints, coating, personal care, etc.), and finally extending to commodity markets (e.g., grains, sugar, cement, steel, etc.).

Survival in this rapidly evolving industry requires access to high quality information, analysis and ability to structure it to stay ahead of the competition.

CMT offers this through its platform of events where key executives and world renowned experts interact on diverse dimensions-technology, research, new product development, to name a few.

CMT events feature faculty comprising top end executives from global organisations and are attended by specialists from diverse segments. The hallmark of CMT events is the high level of interactive participation by audience. More importantly, CMT events take you beyond just “What’s New” into strategic domains of the businesses and technologies.

Researched, validated and executed by a top level team of researcher cum producers with expertise in oil, chemical and energy value chain, CMT events derive their value based on deep research and understanding of the business segments.

Today CMT’s bioenergy and petrochemicals events are must attend summits. Besides, plastics, commodity markets, and specialty chemicals conferences provide a more optimal platform for you.

In the modern knowledge based economy, you are always seeking the latest, most accurate and meaningful insights, to be leader in your segment.