CNC Jobs Inc. has launched the first ever “VIDEO” supported Job Board and Resume Search engine (www.cncjobs.net). Although unusual for a Manufacturing focused company to launch a Technology / I.T. based product, it's not so unusual for those who are involved in the "Core" industry of Manufacturing. Since the beginning of time, Manufacturing has always been the leader in nearly every facet of our economy and existence. Technology has always followed along after the fact and basically enhanced what was already established.

In this case the founders of CNCJobs.Net, who have built the CNC Jobs brand to the #1 employment source in Manufacturing would have it no different. As such they have chosen one of the World's largest Manufacturing and Technology Shows (IMTS) as the initial launching platform. What is so different about this Job Board is the fact that resumes will include both photos and a Pre- Screen video profile for client companies to view prior to selecting candidates for an Interview. On the flip side, client companies posting positions will also be posting short video clips regarding both the job as well as the company itself for the candidate to view. Once a match is made, the candidate and client will interview "Live" through this same system utilizing the highest level of Live Streaming technology available. This entire process shortens the selection time frame quite substantially, while also saving the Employer thousands of dollars associated with the hiring process. No more flying candidates or interviewers across the country or the globe with the hope of finding the ideal candidate. The CNCJobs.net Video Job Board is user friendly and can be accessed from any PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone. The interview can take place anywhere in the world, with as many as 25 different individuals at the same time.