COBURG EQUIPMENTS PVT LTD started in the year 2002 started as “Coburg India” and later registered as a Pvt. Ltd company in the year 2006. The vision and commitment of our organization has today recognized us as a key company offering Low Cost Automation Solutions when it comes to Compressed Air Technology. The success in the field of Low Cost Automation has further encouraged us to venture into manufacturing of COBLIFT-Material Handling Equipments & COBCAT – Compressed Air Products.
We are equipped with two production centres at Coimbatore & one in Bangalore with over 20,000 sq.ft. production area and in-house R&D facilities apart from our Sales & Service branch networks across all important industrial towns in South India. In the last 12 years our company has grown from strength to strength and has emerged as one of the source for Quality – Low Cost Automation Products.
Brand name 'COBCAT' has become synonymous with Quality and Performance. Not all compressed air products are created equally. At COBURG, we pride ourselves on our hi-tech approach to the changing needs of Compressed Air industry. We have earned over the years an enviable reputation for the quality approach & service. We are poised to maintain our product quality through research, technology up-gradation & quality assurance. At all areas we feel essential to meet the high standard of our valued customers.
Today the company is steered by young dynamic team of well-trained professionals and having adequate educational background. Hence, COBURG is poised for a big leap ahead with COBCAT's successful performance in the past and the coming years.

Compressed air is essential for the production of packaging materials made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), such as liquid filled plastic bottles. This process requires highly efficient compressed air supply. The PETCAT series in the COBCAT range of products has been specially designed for this purpose to deliver an application-specific source of quality compressed air with optimum performance. The blow-moulding process by which PET containers are produced requires compressed air at pressures ranging from 15 to 43 bar (g) depending on the particular product.