COMPETEiNTEL specializes in distinctive Solutions for the Telecom. Business Community. We help you to optimize your Sales, Marketing and Infrastructure through unique intelligence products that will provide you a “decisive advantage”. The solutions offered follow the latest guidelines and trends in the Commercial Intelligence Industry.

• Business Intelligence – the use of computer-based methods in collecting and analyzing data.
• Competitive Intelligence – identifies external risks and opportunities before they become apparent.
• Market Research – specifically targets the market need, market size and competition.
• Competitor Analysis – analytics of current and potential competitors that identifies risks and opportunities.
• SWOT Analysis – is a method of analyzing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
• Trend Analysis – is the concept of analysis to spot trends and “predict” the future. It is a quality control tool.

All of our solutions are interactive with our clients. Communication between us and the client is the first building block of our solutions. We encourage our clients and others to participate in our Forums, Blog and follow our newsroom.


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