Corradi manufactures and supplies custom made Outdoor Living Spaces for the discerning customer. Our products include Pergolas (Pergotenda®), Sail Awnings, Outdoor Furniture, carpets, vases, lighting and accessories. We have been in business since 1978 and have established ourselves as the undisputed market leader in Europe, with more than a 1000 dealers worldwide with representation in over 30 countries. Corradi products are now available in South Africa.

Pergotenda® (Pergolas)
These beautiful patio awnings can be free standing, or mounted against a patio wall. The awnings are custom made for each application and is delivered in kit form, to be installed by an approved and authorised Corradi Installer. The  Pergotenda┬«  can be manufactured in wood or aluminium and different finishes are available. The sliding canvass roof cuts out 90%-plus of UV rays and is retractable (either manual or fully motorised). In addition clear or textured outdoor blinds can be fitted which is completely invisible when retracted. Stylish outdoor living is now possible irrespective of prevailing weather conditions.

Corradi Velombra Sail Awnings.
These awnings are all derived directly from nautical technology. The supporting pillars are made from stainless steel, and the awning itself can be supplied in Dacron, the same material used for the fabrication of yacht sails. Corradi sail awnings are completely retractable and can be rolled up manually or by means of motorisation. The motorised units are fitted with a wind-speed measuring equipment which is set to automatically closes the sail in the event of sudden high winds. In the instance where very large areas need to be covered, such as with commercial applications, a combination of sails can be used.

Patio Furniture
Providing comfort, elegance and practicality even in the harsh outdoors, Corradi Arredi solutions team the demand for functionality and tough materials with painstaking, timeless design and attention to details, to provide the same luxury, comfort and style you are used to from you indoor furnishings. The design genius of Gianluca Rossi evident, made in Italy-  it is a given that the style and technology of Corradi Outdoor Design, provides a number of furniture lines, that best meets the requirements of any private or commercial sector. High-tech, elegance, sophistication and resistance to the elements, guarantees to satisfy even the most discerning customer. The outdoors becomes a space to be used throughout the year, creating real added value for businesses or private homes. Corradi outdoor furniture sets the trend and the standard that others wish to follow.