Children of the Caribbean, Inc. is a registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization located in California.  Founded on June 1, 2010 by Julien Adams and his wife Rosie Hodge-Adams, the Foundation’s efforts are geared to resolving the ongoing struggles that some children across the Caribbean and Latin America face every day – poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease – and to replace these struggles with hope for the future.  With a focus on the areas of Education, Healthcare and Social Development, Children of the Caribbean, Inc. provides support systems and/or specialized services to under-privileged children in ways that avoid stigmatizing those who benefit from them.

The projects that Children of the Caribbean, Inc. fund and facilitate are developed so that each child who benefits is able to reach their fullest potential for personal growth, and to realize their dreams in a healthy environment.  To the extent that a child’s social needs are met, that child is likely to develop into a healthy, confident, responsible, productive, competent, independent and self-controlled adult.

The Philosophy:

Focusing on young children is by far the most brilliant investment that anyone could ever make in the future. Children of the Caribbean, Inc. was founded on the premise that the lives of all children have equal value.  An impoverished child in Haiti or a homeless child in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica is just as precious as the children in the United States of America and other developed countries.  The Foundation’s goal is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to lead a healthy, productive life.

The role of Children of the Caribbean, Inc. is to:

Identify the needs that fit the Foundation’s Criteria
Communicate those needs to potential donors
Raise the money to address those needs
Manage the money prudently
Allocate the funds
Work with the project directors to ensure effective use of funds and successful project execution
Account to our donors


Julien Adams, Co-Founder/President
Rosie Hodge-Adams, Co-Founder/Executive Director
Enga Mar, Trustee, Chief Financial Officer
Anne Coppin-Carter, Trustee, Corporate Officer
Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trustee
Keri Close, Trustee
Nia Long, Trustee
Yvette Bowser, Trustee
Simone Smith, Trustee
Thomas Hodge, Trustee
Dr. Cherrie Hodge, Trustee
Bernard Gumbs, Trustee
Mick Horwitz, Trustee
Dr. Winston Martin, Trustee
Erika Jackson, Trustee
Marsha DeVera, Trustee