CPTG. (“Call Plan Telecom Group”) is singularly focused on the competitive telecommunications market and provides local, long distance, toll free, international termination, interactive, and back office services. Since opening in 2002, CPTG has processed over 3 billion long distance calls (kind of sounds like a successful fast food restaurant). Call Plan was built around a few simple premises:

• Competitive Pricing
• Well Rounded Product Selection
• Streamlined Contract/Order Process
• Easy-To-Understand Contract/Order Administration
• Professional Staff

Call Plan has branched out to service several markets including Nevada ( Las Vegas), Oregon ( Portland), Washington ( Seattle), California ( Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Irvine, & San Diego), Nevada ( Las Vegas) & Arizona ( Phoenix).

Early on, Call Plan worked with IT professionals to build an open source MY-SQL/PHP database environment to help it track operational performance. In fact, the database is so good, that Call Plan has productized it to enable customers to better understand their call accounting and reporting statistics (many telecom invoices can be confusing, difficult to follow, and full of miscellaneous fees, surcharges and assessments). At the end of the day, an invoice should be easy to understand, accurate, complete and timely.

Call Plan does not own, or operate, a network. Instead, Call Plan markets services delivered on underlying carrier networks (they build/maintain/engineer/operate the network and Call Plan markets it through private label direct and/or indirect sales channels). In this sense, Call Plan customers can contract directly with Call Plan through the private label wholesale based Call Plan route. The service is serviced by Call Plan but rides the underlying carrier network.