Hosted by Zhejiang Department of Commerce and undertaken by Zhejiang Samexpo Exhibition & Convention Holdings Co. Ltd, the 2021 ZHEJIANG EXPORT ONLINE FAIR (INDIA-LIGHTING PRODUCTS) is going to be taken place from 1st to 5th March by ZOOM. The project is strongly supported by CREAT.

Last year, the COVID-19 came suddenly, and the global economic and Trade Exhibition pressed the "pause button". In this special period, the Zhejiang Department of Commerce, has built Zhejiang digital trade cloud exhibition platform, promoted the digital trade industry to move forward, helped Zhejiang manufacturing enterprises go abroad, and promoted the new growth of Zhejiang export trade.

In this online exhibition, there are nearly 100 enterprises engaged in the production and export of LED & Products, such as HangZhou Tuya Information Technology, Hangzhou Yongdian Illumination, Ningbo COSMOS Import & Export, Zhejiang Jingling Lighting And Electrical Appliance. Zhejiang enterprises' products include: LED bulb/Tube, spotlight, panel lamp, driving power, point light source, ine lamp, wall washing lamp, control system, etc., which are demanded by buyers, covering the whole range of home/commercial/urban/ architectural lighting and accessories, and the products are basically all Relevant qualification and certification are provided. In the five-day period, these Zhejiang enterprises will conduct precision trade negotiations with purchasers through online live broadcast/ promotion/ remote negotiation on the basis of offline pairing in the early stage, so as to realize the interaction between exhibitors and buyers, fully display the brand and advantages of Zhejiang lighting products, improve the attention of Indian market to the brand of Zhejiang lighting enterprises, and let suppliers know Both sides need to be able to accurately connect lighting products without leaving home. It is estimated that there will be more than 180 rounds of trade negotiations in this India Online Fair´╝îand the turnover is expected to exceed US $5 million.