The City University of New York's CREST Institute is a multidisciplinary Institute led by the City College located in Manhattan, New York. CUNY is the lead institution that brings together research universities from around the globe. These institutions form a broad-based research team in remote sensing applied to earth, atmospheric, environmental, and marine sciences.

The Institute's research and training focuses on all aspects of remote sensing including: sensor development, satellite remote sensing, ground-based field measurements, data processing and analysis, modeling, and forecasting. CREST is an outstanding example of collaboration among institutions to educate and train students in the field of environmental remote sensing by conducting research consistent with NOAA’s Science Goals and Missions. Recruitment and training focuses on mentoring undergraduate, masters and doctoral students into scientific and engineering disciplines in which they can specialize in remote sensing. The program includes SEMINARS, summer internships with NOAA, and with industrial partners, and school-year research assistantships.