This business was started by Janet Aldrich in Massachusetts as a dba of Ranbo Enterprises Hamilton Massachusetts .  Ranbo Enterprises is a name that has been used by MsAldrich since before 1998 for start up Business efforts.  

Comflm,sm Registry News, Commonwealth of Massachusetts FreeLance Registry is a grassroot effort to Register New Media in Massachusetts, give Press Passes to individuals with a minimum Cable Access Class and enable New Media to navigate  legally within the Media protocol at State, Legislative, and Judiciary levels implementing a recruitment process for First Amendment Constitutional practice.

Comflm Registry News, www.comflm.com, webiste is a Reporters Blotter and is set up by date of events covered or news items to be covered.  Not all being actually covered however.   The most recent item of interest being at the top of the page.  A complete list of coverage by Janet Aldrich, Catchof theDay, VideoNews, FreelanceReporting is posted for public information on public works documentary footage on this site.  

The grassroot  effort to make available to the public, public works  footage is now being processed as a project called the CPPR Archive Project, Massachusetts.  This  Project  is seeking qualified individuals to assist in the Legal  Business Set up of the Non Profit.  Board Members are needed to make this happen.  Ms. Aldrich, had a personal health setback that started last December 2010 and is still being addressed.  Please feel free to contact Ms. Aldrich is you are interested in this effort.  The hopes are that this will copycat multiply nationally and a grassroot library archive will be done in each state such as C Span has accomplished in Washington DC.

The footage has been irregularly covered by state legislatures and valuable information is sought and lost due to the irregularity of a permanent process to capture this information.

Ms. Aldrich has to date covered archived  approximately 600 public hearings events and press conferences on Beacon Hill, Boston since 2004.  The present year 2011 has not been covered by Catch ofthe Day, Video News due to personal health reasons.  House Broadcast has covered some but not enough.  You can find the footage on the State Website for those.