The Nostradamus of the NEWS...Like the reputed seer from the 16th Century Nostradamus, who predicted future events, Channeled Readings, LLC predicts future news events monthly on fourteen topics; Weeks, Months, Years in advance to a worldwide audience.  We predict the “News Before It Happens” so you can plan.  Traditional news has already happened - it's a history lesson!  All you can do is react to the past.  Knowing about future events allows you to prepare now for what’s coming in your future personal and business life.

THESE PREDICTIONS are communicated directly from our “Higher Source” and not from what we the mediums may think, reason, guess, analyze or anticipate from probabilities or trends. These predictions are not based in conspiracy theories or with a doomsayer's slant. Most importantly, these PREDICTIONS are never coming from us or our interpretation of what “Higher Source” is communicating. Each and every word of these PREDICTIONS is delivered in print and audio formats exactly as “they” intended.

News topics covered monthly are typical of the type you would hear on TV or read about in the newspaper.  They include: world events, terrorism, politics, global economy, global weather & earth changes, stock market, commodities & currencies, real estate, technology, the environment, sports, and crime.  Two additional popular topics include: personal development & improvement and higher intelligence & intuition.  

We bring you the News Before It Happens to give you advanced warning, the advantage, the leading edge, the inside information ... so you can plan, position and prepare for a life of abundance, safety, confidence and peace of mind for you, your family and friends. Not found anywhere else, there is nothing else like it and nowhere else to get it.

Each topic we cover not only 'predicts the future' but also provides the underlying insights on why the information is important now and how to apply the information to your life to prepare for what's coming. This decision-making information is an advanced warning system that gives you time to plan and prepare now. There's no other service like this in the world!  

How accurate are the predictions?  Our CR Greatest Hits(c) page not only shows you when the predictions came true, but ties the actual news event to the prediction from various sources.  With all predictions notarized for accuracy, content and date, there is no room left for doubt once the news event happens.  Members and non-members can view the notarized copies of the predictions as well as watch the videos of the news events once they happen.

Our mission and expertise is predicting the History of the Future so you can adapt and plan for a more rewarding life today.  Individuals, groups, and businesses also engage the intuitive medium team at Channeled Readings, LLC to do private channeled readings, group events, and business readings.