Transformational Leaders
Direct support, one-on-one for individual senior executives to strengthen their prowess at leading their organisations in the 4IR or through digital acceleration.
Advisory support to deepen insight and expand understanding of how to successfully navigate and lead your organization in the 4th Industrial Revolution
Build understanding of value creation, customer and competitive paradigms in 4IR
Enhance awareness of the leadership, management and organisational capabilities that differentially drive performance in 4IR
Support to define, lead and achieve corporate transformation
Coaching support: Personal development as a transformative, corporate leader in 4IR

Strengthen corporate 4IR capabilities

Identify, design and enact initiatives that enhance the performance of the corporation in 4IR. Consultancy and facilitation support to the executive cadre.

Boost the Dynamic Capacity: Strengthen and multiply the mechanisms that enable the corporation to compete in 4IR.
Adopt and refine the use of new technologies to achieve competitive advantages.
Enhance the corporate capabilities to Sense & Make Sense, to Seize & Replicate and to Reposition & Reconfigure.
Increase the interplay between the sets of capabilities to increase the overall capacity of the firm to compete dynamically.

Ignite corporate growth
Establish a forward leaning strategic posture; strengthened by the pursuit of a meaningful purpose and adoption of audacious goals.
Enable managers to individually and collectively think and act ambidextrously; to simultaneously deliver results whilst investing in tomorrow, resolving dilemma of conflicting goals.
​Establish a roadmap for audacious growth. Establish the expectation of and mechanisms to enable the organization to continuously evolve. Enhance the ability of the firm to constantly adapt and evolve, gaining energy, confidence and agility.

Executive Development
Support for corporate academies, business schools and other training institutes  
Equip executives with the skills required to succeed in 4IR.  
Unique content, based on our insight of the skills, capabilities and mindsets required to thrive in 4IR
Insight and experience in designing and delivering highly effective development experiences (andragogical rather than pedagogical approach)
Corporate Academy training or integrated into broader programmes, (degree (e.g. MBA), professional certificates or executive development).  

Strengthen the human resources practices that differentiate 4IR firms.
Ensure development of 4IR relevant skills and mindsets. Enhance learner-centricity of design and delivery of training; focus on achieving on-the-job behaviour change.
Promote well-being, engagement and empowerment of workers, particularly by allowing choice and flexibility in working arrangements.
Increase the use of fluid teams throughout and across the corporation, embed a culture of team-based performance, enhance teaming skills.
​Enhance the reputation of the institution for being at the forefront of executive development impact in 4IR
National 4IR Competitiveness Planning
Sector and workforce development

Support for the development of workforce and sector-level plans to strengthen national competitiveness in 4IR.  

Assess scale and timeliness of significant disruption in the competitiveness of key sectors of the economy due to the evolution of 4IR. 4IR Scenario Planning
Anticipate national or sector level skills gaps and future effectiveness of existing programmes, initiatives and institutions to address the gaps in a timely manner. Recommend initiatives to close such gaps.
Review and recommend adjustments of sector development plans with regards to 4IR readiness and effectiveness.