Who is CSA-PrepStar

Serving High School and Intercollegiate
Athletics since 1981

- Jeff Duva, Founder & President
Collegiate Sports of America, Inc

The CSA story really began in 1981 when I started the nation's first ever recruiting service designed to help high school athletes receive athletic scholarships for college. Today, CSA is recognized as the nation's largest and most respected name in the world of college recruiting, having helped thousands of student-athletes over the past 25 years fulfill their dreams of competing in the exciting world of college athletics.

There are few things in life that are more personally rewarding than following your dreams. Dreams help drive our vision for the future and breathe purpose into our lives. The pursuit of my dreams as a young man helped me achieve an athletic scholarship and All-American honors as a college football player, followed by a coaching career on the collegiate level.

As a high school athlete my passion was to one day play college football. I enjoyed a successful career as a high school quarterback, but had the misfortune of playing for a new high school that wasn't yet on the recruiting map. My dreams of playing college ball were shattered when I was overlooked in the recruiting process and passed by on National Letter of Intent Day.

Not knowing where to go for help, I began contacting schools on my own behalf and was determined to keep trying until I received a chance to play college football. I was very fortunate to be offered an athletic scholarship to BYU right before I graduated as a high school senior. They had one scholarship to give and I was the lucky guy to receive it. After two years at BYU and a brief stint as their starting QB, I transferred to San Diego State where I redshirted for one year. I left SDSU in the spring of 1977 when the University of Hawaii offered me a chance to be their quarterback for the 1977 season.

I started 22 games for the University of Hawaii and had the good fortune of receiving All-American honors and was selected to participate in the 1979 Hula Bowl All-Star Classic. After my playing days were over I began a coaching career in college that lasted four years. I was truly blessed to have had the opportunity to live my dreams as a student-athlete, as they are memories that will last a lifetime.

My personal experiences as both a college athlete and college coach inspired me to start a company that could help student-athletes across the country fulfill their dreams of participating in college athletics. Today, I am proud to say, my vision of helping qualified student-athletes has grown into an entire industry... an industry that has been pioneered and led by CSA every step of the way.

If your dream is to compete in college athletics and receive a valuable college education, I invite you to investigate our services further to see how CSA-PrepStar may help all your dreams come true! The entire team at CSA-PrepStar looks forward to being of service to you and your family in the very near future.

Best of luck with all your future endeavors!