CSE Secure Systems, Inc. (CSESSI) is a US Subsidiary of CSE Co.,Ltd. , Japan, a leading security solutions provider. Our focus is on enterprise-class security, authentication systems and software with our unique and patented solution, SECUREMATRIX┬«.  We provide a unique authentication solution that does not require any tokens yet the level of security is as effective as two-factor security. We have saved our customers millions of dollars in cost and productivity-loss while increasing their security.

Our Sunnyvale, CA office is in the  heart of Silicon Valley serving our customers with sales and support staff based in the US.

Founded in1971, CSE Co.,Ltd. is a reputable and well-recognized  company in the security services industry. We launched SECUREMATRIX, a unique and highly secure tokenless authentication solution, in 2002. SECUREMATRIX has over 600,000 users and has been deployed  by 650 customers including many Fortune 500 companies.

We are proud of our technology legacy which includes five patents, four in Japan and one in  the United States, and 90% of our employees  are world-class engineers.