The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) is an open, global platform of civil society organisations (CSOs) working on and advocating for universalizing effective development cooperation (uEDC). As a global platform, it brings together CSOs from different countries and regions, as well as thematic groups and sectors, which abide by the advocacies and messages of the CPDE. uEDC, expressed through the fulfillment of core commitments of all development stakeholders, is the cornerstone of the platform’s work.

CPDE strives to make development cooperation work for the people, empowering them to claim their rights and holding development actors accountable for their work. It is guided by human rights-based approach to development in all its work. CPDE advocates for the promotion of the Istanbul Principles, CSO Key Asks for EDC and the CPDE Strategic Document. CSOs who wish to be members of the platform should abide by the said documents as minimum requirement for their membership.

At the moment, CPDE’s membership covers seven (7) geographic regions and eight (8) sectors. Its work is guided by five (5) advocacy priorities complemented by working groups to provide policy expertise and lead advocacy engagement.