CSQ3 Corporation, incorporated in 1999, is focused on helping organizations achieve “Excellence”. With that focus in mind, the corporation created CSQ3®, the CSQ3® Learning Center, and Change Management Certification.  

CSQ3® is “Cost, Schedule, and Quality Raised to the 3rd Power”.  The three Powers of CSQ3® allows organizations to significantly improve, manage, and measure performance.

In addition, the CSQ3® Learning Center contains internet based CSQ3® performance and change management material. The main sections of the Learning Center are: Executive, Implementation Team, Champions, and Support/Governance.

Finally, CSQ3 Corporation is the CSQ3® Change Management Certification authority. As a certified CSQ3® Champion, individuals will learn all aspects of CSQ3® including: a universal work effort methodology with Decision Quality, an organizational work flow system, an organizational performance measurement system, Execution Plus®; and, the knowledge to conduct Decision Quality workshops (the most effect way to identify and mitigate risks; and, focus work effort teams).  

Official Change Management Certification web site (www.csq3.com).