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We develop Website based software as per client’s requirements. With these software your offices / factories at different locations can do the data entry and view reports at the same time. The website allows your people to view and manage data simultaneously through internet explorer (You do not require Leased line / Static IP / Virtual Private Network). All the reports can also be exported to Word or Excel.

1.    Website based Inventory Software

With this software your offices can enter data of in coming material and out going material at different locations and view different reports. Here you can prepare and print GRN, Issue Slip, Stock Register, Location wise Stock Register, Product wise Stock Register, Productwise Costing Report, Supplierwise Costing Report, Issue Slip Report, Material Receipt Report, Product Master
(or any other report as per your requirement).

2.    Website based Software For Courier Company

With this software your offices at various locations can enter data of Customers, Consignement Booking, Consignement Delivery Status, Return Status, Billing and payment Received Status and Print POD(Proof of Delivery), Bil, Consignement Tracking and various reports like Booking Register, Company wise Booking Register, Customer wise Booking Register, Income Register, Company wise Income Register, Pending Payment Status, Customerwise Pending Payment Status, Company wise Pending Payment Status.
(or any other report as per your requirement).

3.    Website based Warehousing Software

With this software package you can manage operation of your warehouses at different locations. Here you can prepare and print Space availability at any given point of time, BG availability alert, Alert on aging of products per customer, Alert on product expiry, Alert on Bond Expiry and application request, Pending orders for exbonding, Bond wise stock wise availability (per stock per customer), Item wise party wise pending orders, Zero Stock Bond, Check on slow or Non Moving items, Item Wise Stock statement, replenishment report
(or any other report as per your requirement).

4.    Website based CRM Software

This software helps you to understand details of different campaign. And gives you an idea of competitors at different locations. Here you have to enter details of campaign, Sales, Competition and you can print Campaign Effectiveness Report, Sales Register, Competitor wise competition Details, Product wise competition Details, Product wise Sales Register with Sales Bar Graph.
(or any other report as per your requirement).

5.    Website based Real Estate Software

With this software package you can make entry of Seller details, Purchaser details, Property available details, property sold details. And print report of location wise property available details, Purchase enquiry details, date wise property sold details, commission receivable details, commission received details etc.
(or any other report as per your requirement).

6.    Website based Enquiry Management Software

With this software you can have an idea of enquiries generated at different locations. Here you have to enter details of Enquiry and Enquiry status and you can print Enquiry Register, Sales person wise Enquiry Register, Location wise Enquiry Register
(or any other report as per your requirement).

Or any other Software Package as per your requirements.

We deliver complex e-business applications and e-commerce solutions in various business domains like

         *     Pharmaceutical Industry
         *     Warehousing Industry
         *     Chemical Industry
         *     Real Estate Business
         *     Yellow pages Directory Listings
         *     Forex Auctions
         *     Hotel web site
         *     Online Booking/Reservation
         *     Travel & Tourism (Company website, Car Rentals, Search Engines    
         *     E-Commence (B2B/B2C applications, Online Product database).

Please visit our website http://www.csoftglobal.com/   to see the demo.

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