Located in Southern Michigan, CT Firearms, LLC is your one stop shop for Michigan Firearms Instruction, Training and Sales. We are NRA Certified Instructors and NRA Range Safety Officers. CT Firearms offers several classes from the Michigan Concealed Carry Handgun, NRA classes, Introduction to Firearms and much more.

We utilize a unique approach to teaching everything you need to know to properly handle and safely defend yourself with a pistol in and out of the home. These classes offer a more efficient and detailed explanation of the proper legal use, proper concealment examples, helpful defense setup in the home and many more examples of pistol handling. Our classes teach you everything and beyond what you will need to apply for your concealed pistol license (CPL). Students will receive the NRA Personal Protection in the Home guide, their specific application for CPL with help to fill it out and a certified NRA class completion certificate.  Students will also receive 20% off their first pistol purchase from our gun store and have the ability to save further if they refer friends.