In an effort to promote Cyprus as an ideal destination for tourism and investments, as well as other economic, educational and cultural purposes in the rest of the world, especially China, a huge source of outbound tourism with proven potential for inward investments for Cyprus, a comprehensive internet platform by the name “CYhere” which is composed of applications and websites has been created, aiming to integrate all touristic attractions and services, and business entities in other industries within the territory of the Republic of Cyprus so that the country’s online visibility is established for promotion in the most efficient and cost-effective way in this digital era.  

The platform is planned to be launched in July 2017, by which time extensive information on the island’s attractions as well as an estimated 1500 business entities, namely, hotels, tour operators/travel agencies, restaurants, real estate developers, law firms, accounting & auditing service companies, banks, wealth management companies, consulting companies, insurance companies, security services, telecom companies, luxury goods franchise shops & boutiques, schools & colleges, health centers & spas, yacht & luxury car  rentals, private hospitals & clinics, manufacturers and shops for agricultural products etc., will be included and be accessible through smart phones (iOS & Android), tablets and PCs. Data inclusion will continue after the launching until all business entities who wish to participate are on board.

Apart from the Chinese language, CYhere will also be available in Russian and English so that it will be promoted not only in China, but also other fast-growing markets for tourism and investments such as Russia and Israel.

Being developed with the latest know-how for internet applications, CYhere when fully-flourished will contribute to the diversification of the country’s economy and the transformation of Cyprus into a regional applied knowledge-based hub, hence set a pioneering example for implementing the “Digital Strategy”, one of the top ten priorities of the European Commission.

Moreover, due to the fact that substantial input from Chinese enterprises specializing in internet applications has been rendered into the project since conception of the idea and throughout the creation of the platform, it is also held that CYhere will be qualified as a reference project for the “One Belt, One Road” (or “Belt and Road Initiative”) which was proposed to governments of countries along the “Silk Road” by Chinese president Mr Xi Jinping in 2013 and is aimed to be implemented along with massive investments from the government of China. The inclusion of Cyprus in the “One Belt, One Road” was officially recognized and announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China during his visit to Cyprus in December 2015.

Free set-up and subscription will be offered to tourism-related industries, i.e. travel agencies/tour operators, tourist guides, hotels etc.  

A company by the name "CYhere Internet Platform Ltd" has been set up with the Registrar of Companies and a team from Cyprus and abroad with highly-qualified technical, marketing and administrative background will be responsible for data collection, upgrade & maintenance, as well as operation and promotion of the platform. Data collection is set to commence in February 2017.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation supports the initiative of CYhere, since the creation of such a platform/application is the best way to reach prospective Chinese tourists who will have the chance to learn about the Cyprus tourism product and plan ahead for their trip to Cyprus.

For more information about CYhere and for registering, interested parties may contact the company as specified below:

TEL: 70000081
Email: corporate@cyhere.com