CMAC is THE creative, cost-effective integrated marketing solutions resource for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), which represent the collective lifeblood and backbone of the American economy, and the overwhelming majority of all business entities currently in existence throughout the country.

The reality is that today’s generation of SMBs have vastly different marketing and communications requirements than their larger, more mature counterparts found in Corporate America. In addition, many of these businesses do not have dedicated marketing professionals on their payrolls, while others are simply unaware of, or do not have access to, proven, affordable external advisors that can offer sound marketing guidance. In certain instances, company principals choose to design and initiate their own campaigns, but some lack the necessary marketing training, education, sophistication, or expertise to truly maximize their results and return on investment.

And that is where CMAC, the SMB marketing expert, comes in. The firm exclusively specializes in the planning, development, and execution of high-impact, affordable marketing and communications strategies for SMBs…and only SMBs. Regardless of the industry, CMAC combines proven, traditional marketing theories, methodologies, and best practices with today’s cutting-edge online and offline techniques to deliver solid results that generate high-quality business leads, stimulate much-needed sales, enhance brand awareness, and drive geographical and industry visibility.

CMAC provides a wide range of marketing and communications guidance and related services, including message platform development; corporate, product, and service positioning; branding strategy; print, broadcast, and online advertising consulting and design; public relations programs; social networking and new media strategies; and event marketing counsel and support, to name just a few. Please visit the company’s services page for additional information on these offerings.

Most importantly, the company strongly differentiates itself from other consultancies by offering these services at extremely affordable rates with a very high degree of quality, and by flexibly structuring its agreements to meet the specific marketing challenges, timeframe restrictions, and financial constraints of each client. This means that clients may engage CMAC on any number of levels, including hourly consulting, project-oriented, and retainer-based engagements.