Lesley and Derek McEwan have worked in Estate Agency for many years and know the Costa de la Luz extremely well.  They are Spanish citizens and have a love of all things Spanish.  They started Cadizcasa to offer customers quality property sales and rental property throughout the Costa de la Luz. Estate Agency in the area had been very localised with estate agents selling in one area or at best two.  As a result potential clients were passed through several pairs of hands an had to travel many miles if they did not know what area they wanted which was not ideal and there was no continuity to the quality of service they received. Lesley McEwan says "our aim was to introduce internet propety sales where all the properties could be viewed on line by potential clients from all over the world before they made a trip to Spain and spent a fortune on petrol trawling up and down the coast.  We have long in depth correspondence with our clients to help them choose the best area,  the best style of house for their needs  etc and by the time they arrive to view they feel as if they know the area and what they are coming to see.  It helps them to settle down to searching for their dream home and in turn helps them to make the right decisions".  The new business was something of  a novel concept as the traditional estate agents had shop windows and advertised locally in the free sheets and local property pages.  It took a while for the builders, house promotors and public to see the advantages of internet property promotion.   They could not understand why Cadizcasa did not have a shopfront.  However, the sceptics now queue up to place their properties for sale with Cadizcasa as they have a good reputation for taking care of their clients and giving a professional service.  In Chiclana alone the town council have announced that due to the crisis the number of estate agents has reduced from some 284 to 15.  Cadizcasa are now leading the way in property sales in areas such as Vejer, Lebrija and Chiclana.  At present the most popular style of property is the townhouse.  Apartments are also doing well and there are some excellent prices on detached villa properties which are bringing people from as far afield as South Africa to view.  Cadizcasa have also offered rent to buy properties for some time and this is now a very popular option with young Spanish couples who want to hold on until the bank rates stabilise before committing to a mortgage.  Lesley McEwan says "rent to buy makes both sides happy, the property owner has the assurance that they will have a tenant in their propert for a minimum of 1 year with the possibility of a sale at the end and the tenant can settle into the property and relax knowing that the price is fixed and the pressure is off to buy right away so they do not lose the property of their choice".  The Costa de la Luz is a popular coast for holidays with Cadiz the capital being of huge historical interest,  the exellent beaches and windsurfing plus the superb weather all adding up to an unbeatable holiday spot.   Due to demand Cadizcasa also offer select rental properties in Vejer, Lebrija, Cadiz and Medina Sidonia.  They are currently expanding this part of their business with rental properties in Chiclana available from this year.  Lesley McEwan says "this coast has been popular for many years with both Spanish and international holiday makers.  Our aim was to provide good quality rental property in the most attractive locations at fair prices and this philosophy has certainly worked.  We have seen year on year increases in the number of visiors and in the diversity of nationalities. It persoanly gives me great pleasure to see people coming to our area and enjoying what  this coast has to offer".   Due to Cadizcasa┬┤s highy knowledgable and straightforward business ethic they have become popular with the UK press and magazine industry for providing finger on the pulse comments on the property market in the Costa de la Luz.  Cadizcasa┬┤s forward plan is to develop their business and widen their location portfolio to offer a greater choice than ever to their clients.