CalFlowers, (the California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers) was founded in 1941 by a small group of flower shipping companies to foster the success of the California floral industry within the United States.  Today CalFlowers is the leading floral trade association in California serving growers and the entire supply chain in the state and in 47 states across the nation.

In addition to valuable transportation benefits enjoyed by all CalFlowers members, the Association is also becoming a leader in bringing fresh cut flowers to the U.S. market, especially promoting the benefits of fresh flowers to new generations of American consumers.

The association has members in 25 of California‚Äôs 58 counties, comprised of flower growers, flower shippers, specialty non-ornamental flower growers, manufacturers of floral hard goods, packaging companies, flower wholesalers and retail florists.  

CalFlowers is also proud of its active associate membership in 47 other  states, stretching to the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. This diverse membership represents every step of the value-chain that makes fresh, beautiful California flowers possible in vases, displays, weddings and every important event in the lives of active Americans.

A number of "non-floral" professions and industries serve the floral industry. Recognizing the value delivered by these allied service providers, CalFlowers welcomes accountants, legal firms, insurance brokers, financial institutions, and more, into its membership.