Cali Color Purpose:

We believe you should always feel and look gorgeous... Particularly when it comes to your skin! Having a tan not only simulates you to appear leaner, your teeth whiter, evens your skin tone, but a spray tan is also a safe alternative to the sun and tanning beds.

While you will still be getting that flawless sun kissed look you want, you don't have to worry about the risks! Cali Color only uses organic products to assure you that you will not be subjected to harsh chemicals!

Our Products are never tested on animals.

We just recently added Eyelash extension services! Alissa Ray is now also a eyelash extension specialist!

Meet The Owner:

Alissa Ray pursued her dream and followed her entrepreneur style to open Cali Color Spray Tanning. This decision was fueled by her love of spray tanning and also her desire to teach her daughter Kylie that you can accomplish anything when you have dreams and drive. She offers women and men a safe alternative to outdoor tanning/tanning beds.

Alissa has seen firsthand the negative effects the sun has; her grandma has suffered through many surgeries to get rid of Melanoma* that she developed from outdoor tanning. So not only does she want people to have options for safe tanning... Alissa knows that when you look beautiful, You feel beautiful!

*Melanoma is the most dangerous of the three types of skin cancer with 116,500 cases per year. 90% of all three types of skin cancer are caused by sun exposure