Call Uncle Joe is an idea that came to me when I realized how important it is to have a person listen to you
when you are talking to them. It seems that quite often people are so involved with there own agenda that they do not listen to the person that is speaking to them. Many a time I have seen a person start telling there own story before the other person ever got close to finishing what they were saying. It is human nature to be acknowledged. Unfortunately every one is not always fortunate enough to have some one that will really listen to them when they need to talk. I’m not referring to idol chit chat, I’m referring to important issues in a persons life. Some people may be reluctant to talk with a friend or a family member, they might think the person wont understand, or they may feel embarrassed. Some people might not have any one in there life period.

 I think it was about thirty five years ago when I first started to help people to feel better by listening to there problems. I did not realize until about eighteen years ago how much it really can help and how much better the person felt after talking to me. I don’t claim to have all the answers, nor do I want people to think
I am trying to give advise, I don’t. I am just offering my own experience in life’s different situations. I will tell a person what I would do if it was my situation, only if they want to hear it, but only the people themselves should make these type of decisions. In the end I have found  just giving people some one to listen to there troubles helps a great deal and in most cases, is an enormous relief.

Call Uncle Joe at 800-305-7656
18+ to call 2.99 per min.  
All calls are completely confidential.