Would you like to escape to the soothing world of nature whenever you feel the need? This was what prompted the founding of Calmer by Nature by Barry Wheelock in 2007. Although based in rural Cornwall, all the DVDs and the CD were recorded across southern England, including Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and Hampshire.

The recordings and footage contain no people, voiceovers or music so the audience can be soothed by the sights and sounds of nature uninterrupted. These precious and relaxing moments in the wild are appreciated by those with dementia, or the elderly who can’t, or don’t want to listen or follow a plot. The films are used and recommended by healthcare professionals around the world as a therapy to aid stress, autism, dementia, ADHD, sensory problems, depression, tinnitus, insomnia and special needs. Their appeal and value has also been recognised in the national press, with the films recommended for use everywhere from hospitals to business lobbies to airport lounges.