Founded over 35 years ago by automotive enthusiast Ray Harrington, who could not settle for the poor quality of the import restoration products. Since then California Pony Cars has always felt that "close enough", was not good enough. So now more than 35 years and hundreds of parts later, you don't have to settle for low-quality products either. With a complete selection of parts and accessories, including CPC Premium Restoration Products, NXT Generation Mustang Accessories, NXT Generation Focus parts & accessory line and the latest F-Series line California Pony Cars is here to serve the automotive community.

California Pony Cars calls Ontario, California its home and is proud to keep Americans working in the great state of California. Buying California Pony Cars products means you are helping keep manufacturing jobs here in the USA! To find a local dealer near you visit our Find a Dealer Page or visit www.calponycars.com for more information on our products and MSRP's.

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