The Campus Bike project was created to transform college transportation in a healthier and more environmentally sustainable manner. Founded in August 2013, Campus Bike focuses on providing an innovative, inexpensive, and easy solution to transportation pitfalls that college students face on a daily basis. The Campus Bike team’s solution combines the flexibility and convenience of owning a bike with the accessibility of public transportation.

The vision of Campus Bike is to deliver an innovative service that will facilitate full service bicycle sharing stations on college campuses across the country. Easy, 24/7 access to these bike stations will promote health and fitness while helping the environment by providing an outlet to a non-motorized mode of self-powered transportation. The team is currently in the process of designing and developing a delivery system to make these on-campus bikes easy to access at any time. The Campus Bike stations they envision address the needs of students, faculty, and visitors who want to travel around campus without burning fossil fuels.  Campus Bike is different from many traditional systems in that it will tap into emerging technologies, such as quick release fingerprint scanners, solar power, and even airless tires on the bicycles to minimize hassles and maintenance while enhancing bike rider convenience. Rapid release modules at each station will also ensure that all riders are on their way in the quickest time possible.
After months of dedication, research, and development, the team has laid the entire foundation to make this new model of on-campus transportation possible. At present, they are working closely with developers to finalize the logistics and overcome design challenges in order to bring their vision from concept to reality.