The biggest challenge in precision medicine right now is interpretation of next-generation sequencing data (NGS). Our team of progressive physicians and expert scientists can close the gap between results and clinical application.

We are partnered with many of the nations leading next generation sequencing labs. We coordinate with your hospitals, clinics, and healthcare teams to have your sample shipped to one of these labs for molecular profiling.

Already have a genetic report? Great! Once we have your report, it is then used to construct a computer model of the disease, on which drug simulations are conducted. In essence, hundreds of drug trials are carried out on the your cancer in a matter of minutes.

The result is a highly detailed and readable report tailored to your cancer. We will work with your physician to identify and evaluate treatment plans and therapies based on this comprehensive report. Our team, which includes a molecular oncology board, stays up to date on the latest clinical trials, papers supporting new therapies, and existing treatments. We will work tirelessly until we find the best treatment for YOU.

We will monitor your progress longterm, keep in touch with you and your physician, and provide recommendations for adapting and adjusting your therapy.