At the Cancer Wellness Center, people living with cancer discover a life-enhancing community of support, provided completely free of charge.  A team of highly trained professionals carefully guides each survivor through a series of steps to hope and wellness using a scientifically proven, mind-body-spirit philosophy.   Participants gain strength by learning the essentials of self-care and sharing their journey with people who understand.  

Since 1989, the Cancer Wellness Center has provided caring through community.  In these difficult economic times, the Center offers essential human services completely free of charge.

Persons living with cancer are never alone at the Center.  The highly trained, expert staff guide process new participants through the wide variety of support, educational and wellness offerings, from which people may choose ala carte depending upon their individual comfort level, wants and needs.

For twenty years, the Center has been a leader in the wellness movement.  It continues to serve as a model for similar programs nationwide.  The Northbrook and Grayslake Illinois sites are the northernmost facilities of their type in the region, drawing people from all over Lake County, northern Cook County, and even southern Wisconsin because of the lack of adequate cancer support programs in the region.

Many of its programs are still considered unique, including its Healthy Lifestyle and famly room (trademarked) programs.

Cancer is a life-altering disease, and the Cancer Wellness Center helps cancer patients, their families, friends, co-workers and others to learn how to cope better while living with cancer in their lives.  People affected by cancer find proven value in the mind-body-spirit attitude that complements traditional treatments.  Scientific studies from the National Institute of Medicine and the Ohio State University have quantitatively shown that a more holistic approach to cancer treatment not only improves quality of life but can extend it in some instances.

One word often used to describe the atmosphere at the Center is "safe".  Participants are taught about self-care and personal advocacy in relationship to their cancer treatment and lifestyle.  People find strength in numbers, and that by joining support and networking groups at the Center, they are stronger together.  Most of all, the supportive nature of the groups reinforces the believe that no one must make the cancer journey alone.

Wellness is emphasized by weekly stress reduction classes in yoga, tai chi and other Eastern techniques.  Meditation, guided imagery, creative expression and visualization techniques are sometimes combined to enhance the individual experience.