Candela Controls, Inc is a nationally recognized company specializing in the design, integration, installation and programming of lighting control systems. With over one hundred years of combined experience in the lighting and control industries, it is no wonder that Candela Controls has been involved with many award winning projects across the United States, Europe and the Far East.

The Candela Controls, Inc  team always approaches each project with two purposes in mind, Quality & Value. Specifying components, from multiple manufacturers and bringing them together seamlessly, is true integration. This process is no easy task, but when done properly, it saves you time, money and headaches, and it is often necessary to achieve the desired results that our clients are looking for.  It is for this reason that our team works closely with the owner, architect, lighting designer, artist and/or consultant, so they may realize the result, their vision. We then work with the contractor and other on-site labor to make sure the entire installation goes smoothly; which to us means under budget and as specified. Finally we work with the owner, maintenance staff and end users, educating all parties about the system and how to realize the best value possible from it.  The result is a project that benefits from enhanced quality and improved system efficiency.

Years of diverse system integration experience have allowed Candela Controls to develop a unique approach to lighting control systems, that is not easily duplicated.  Along with being an authorized service center for many of the most widely used systems worldwide, Candela Controls also offers the following core areas of expertise:
***Complete System Design
***Multi-manufacturer Control Specifications
***New System Energizing and Training
***Control Termination for Contractors
***Warranty and Out-Of-Warranty Service
***On-Site Maintenance and Repair
***Long Term Service Agreements
***Refresher Training
***Programming Services
***Design and Build services
***Turn-key Installations
***Integrated "Green" Technologies
***LED Control and Installation

Candela Controls, Inc was founded in 1999 by Steve Helliker and Bill Ellis. They worked for BASH Lighting in NJ and were chosen to open the BASH Orlando, FL branch in the 1990*s.  When BASH Lighting was sold, they decided to join forces and continue to do what they do best, lighting control. Since then, they have worked on some  incredible projects. From Gaylord Resorts to Walt Disney World Resorts, from The Hard Rock to The House of Blues, from Kennedy Space Center to Sea World; time and time again, Candela designs have been as reliable as their installations.

Today, we continue to build upon the solid reputation of quality service and value engineering we have built, by taking a three step educational approach. First, our commitment to factory training insures that our clients will receive a professionally installed system with the correct system parameters and compliance for all venues. Second, our commitment to continuous education insures that we are up to date on product revisions, electrical code updates, and the latest technologies. Third, we take time to educate others as members of the Curriculum Advisory Committee for Technical Entertainment at Valencia Community College, located about 10 miles from our office, in Orlando, Florida.

The principals take pride in their association affiliations and are members of the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA), the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) and the Theater, Television and Film Lighting Committee of the IESNA.

Finally, when you work with Candela Controls as a client, you are provided with a way to reach a member of the team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We feel it is extremely important to maintain communication during and after construction in order to assure your complete satisfaction with the system.

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