Since 2010, Canine Caricatures has been the promotional vehicle for the whimsical animal artwork of caricaturist John LaFree. The website CanineCaricatures.com offers custom pet caricatures from photos... With original artwork being shipped to customers worldwide. The site also features a growing inventory of merchandise (prints, canvases and apparel), a live event calendar and an affiliate program designed as a fundraising option for nonprofit animal rescues, shelters and charities.

In 2013, the company created a spinoff website: CATicatures.com! The new site offers all of the same popular features of its parent site, but focuses solely on feline family members.

Mr. LaFree has traveled extensively throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Florida to draw live caricatures at canine performance and conformation events. His artwork is featured in an upcoming children's card game produced by Greymalkin Designs.