The revolutionary changes in advertising, e-commerce, and instant communication have transformed business...ESPECIALLY those in the Cannabis and Hemp Industries!

RESTRICTED from traditional social media outlets and/or forms of advertising, the Cannabis and Hemp industries are facing extreme challenges on the internet!

Whether you have a website and/or a BLOG, it starts with a domain name—your unique address on the internet. It's how browsers and people find you.  It identifies you and your business, educates, attracts customers, and is the first impression of your business. With millions of websites competing for the consumer, the right domain name(s) will set you apart.

Both Hemp and Cannabis entrepreneurs have it much harder. With more than 220 million domain names already registered, you'd be really lucky if the dot-com Domain Name that best identifies or describes your business is available.  

The perfect domain name should and will give users a good idea of what your business is all about. For instance, Rand Fishkin uses “PastaPerfected.com” as an example of an intuitive domain name for a site all about pasta. Right off the bat, a potential customer can make a good guess as to what they’ll find at that site (perfect pasta!). Your domain name should have the same effect.

Additionally, instant intuitiveness gives bonus points for memorability. When people can grasp your site’s concept just from the domain name, you can bet that it’s going to stick in their minds.