Capetian Asset Management is a world-wide private equity firm with the resources and expertise to source, evaluate, and manage private investments globally in both developed and developing markets and across many industrial and commercial sectors.
Capetian Asset Management is manager of -- or principal advisor to -- private equity funds covering Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Islamic countries that span the globe from North Africa through the Middle East and into Asia. These funds represent aggregate capital commitments of nearly $6.0 billion and several are the largest of their kind in their particular region.
Capetian Asset Management's initial focus and one of its continuing core strengths has been investments in "infrastructure" in emerging market economies. Over time, however, Capetian Asset Management has expanded this focus, allowing us to accumulate investment experience in a wide range of sectors from heavy industry, mining, oil and gas to basic materials and even restaurants.
Capetian Asset Management's broad global experience and the large size of its funds has allowed it to become a prime choice as an investment partner for regional companies and local entrepreneurs. Capetian Asset Management is also a pioneer in structuring innovative partnerships with international corporate strategic investors. Capetian Asset Management has partnered with leading international corporations, including Vivendi, Marubeni, and AES in the power sector, AT&T, Orange, and Bell Canada in the telecommunications sector, and Pilkington in the glass industry.