Capital Corp Merchant Banking is part of a Group that was formed 25 years ago to meet the growing needs of Companies / Clients and Promoters looking for Funding and Professional Assistance in a diversity of Projects.
We offer quality Merchant Banking services worldwide. Capital Corp Merchant Banking has developed close working relationships with groups of Professionals: Specialists in Finance, Commercial Risks Insurance and Re-Insurance, International Accounting Firms and Law Firms, and the largest Valuation Firm in the world. Merchant Banking is the process of acting as PRINCIPAL and/or Agent in Project Financing, Mergers or Acquisitions, and/or Advising Clients in the "Structuring" of the funding needed for their Project, and/or assisting them in their Negotiations for the realization of a Project.
Capital Corp is Creative, Solution-Oriented, and known for being THE most flexible funding source on the market in creating handcrafted investment structures to meet the needs of the different constituent groups in each individual transaction. We offer many services: project financing, consulting, due diligence, evaluation of a business, negotiating services, acquisitions, investment approach & presentation reports.